Virginia Wine Week Returns

Did you know that Virginia has more than 190 wineries statewide? And do you want to taste them all? (No, wait, don't do that!)

With numbers like that, we -- and apparently Virginia -- feel they have the right to gloat just a little bit. And now they’re doing just that.

Now through March 27, Virginia is hosting a statewide Wine Week called Love by the Glass, with plenty of “love” to share with more than 300 restaurants and shops offering wine specials. The Wine Week promises to offer the best of Virginia’s culinary experiences, complete with local wines and tasting menus.

For those who want to drink up... err, soak up... as much of the experience as they can, several travel packages including accommodations and excursions can be found at

To search for your fave Northern Virginia restaurants, bars and shops, use the search filter at

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