Tax Free-dom: Virginia Shoppers Save a Buck

D.C., Maryland cancel this fall's tax-free days

That big H&M at Metro Center can keep its $14.99 turtlenecks. We're going to Virginia this weekend, and we are NOT going to apologize for it.

Friday, Aug. 7 is the start of the annual sales tax holiday in the Commonwealth. The five percent sales tax -- on school supplies $20 or less, and clothing and shoes $100 or less -- will be waived through Sunday, Aug. 9.

So savvy back-to-school shoppers (or anyone looking for decent fall gear) are expected to flock to Virginia stores this weekend.

Guess Maryland and the District should have thought of that BEFORE cancelling their tax-free programs.

And when we're in our Zip Car, fighting everyone else on Route 66 trying to get to Tysons Corner, we are fully prepared to laugh in those other jurisdictions' faces.

Who's cash-strapped NOW, huh?

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