Virginia Is for Flashers

Keep your pants on, Virginians!

When the weather gets hot, the pants come off in Prince William County.

We're not talking about nakations. There seems to be a flasher epidemic in NoVa.

There were three reports of the flashing of private parts at others last week over a two-day span, and county police believe the warm weather made them do it.

“It’s hot out there,” police spokeswoman Sharon Richardson told the Examiner. “I guess they’re just coming out of the woodwork.”

Police said they don't think the three incidents are related, which means three random people all felt the need to shake what their momma gave them in public, at just about the same time.

While the incidents may seem like harmless pranks, officials are taking them seriously, especially if they involve children.

In one instance, a teen reportedly flashed a mother who was walking with her 8-year-old child in Woodbridge.

The teen boy asked them for help in returning a turtle to the woods. Innocent enough, right? So they helped him, but as they were leaving the boy yelled to get their attention, turned around, dropped trou and then fled on a bicycle.

While we give the teen points for creativity and use of a reptile, just keep your pants on around kids, OK?

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