Vintage Virginia

Unlimited wine tastings at Vintage Virginia this weekend

You know what's really good after spending a whole day in the hot sun?


OK, that's so blatantly untrue you may never believe anything else we ever say. Nonetheless, the 2012 Vintage Virginia wine festival is coming up June-3, and you'd better hope it's a cool weekend, or you're going to end up sweating grapes.

The ticket price of $30 in advance ($32 at the gate) includes unlimited tastings and a commemorative wine glass. Designated driver tickets are available for $18-$20.

In addition to presentations from 30-plus Virginia wineries, you can also snap up a variety of food items from vendors, ranging from tender Thai noodles to a hubcap-sized plate of French fries.

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, New Orleans-style brass brand Soul Rebels, and children's activities (which we sincerely hope do NOT involve wine) round out the offerings.

If you're the outdoor type, you can forgo a designated driver on Saturday by cleverly setting up camp in the park.

It's a one- to two-mile walk from the site of the wine fest to most campsites in Bull Run Regional Park, where you can park right next to your tent. Ahhh, car camping is perfect for the... um... well, not the lazy, because you would have just walked a couple miles and pitched a tent, so we'll go with the nearly lazy. That sounds about our speed.

If you're not the camping sort, and you can't spare a few good men to serve as DDs, grab a ride with the "Worry-Free" shuttle for $33 from the Vienna Metro.

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