Veritas: Discover Wines, Learn What Charcuterie Is

Veritas has proven that casual and wine complement each other nicely

A casual wine bar? That almost seems like an oxymoron. Apparently Microsoft Word doesn’t believe it either, as there is a green squiggly line under the  sentence.

Veritas has proven that casual and wine complement each other nicely. You don’t have to get all dressed up at Veritas. The bar is small yet comfortable.

The menu consists of an extensive list of wines that have been imported from around the world as well as local wines. They extend the option of ordering flights of wine as well as purchasing by the glass. For people who want to explore different wines, the flights are the best option. Numerous flights are available to choose from. If you like red wine, the Sexy Syrah is a good bet and costs $20. If you like white wine, I would recommend the Three Blancs for $18.

Veritas also serves specialty cheeses that are separated into five categories: blue, cow, goat, sheep and mixed. The gouda cheese is pretty good and pairs nicely with wine. Keens cheddar is good if you like sharp, cheddar cheese.

Veritas also serves charcuterie (fancy meat-based appetizers and way of cooking meat to help preserve its lifetime). Some of the options include the campagne forestier, which is pork, garlic, and fresh mushrooms or the bresaola, which is a fancy name for air-cured beef.

Overall, the drinks are a tad pricier than most D.C. bars but a trip is well worth the money. The wait staff is helpful and always willing to help you pick out wines and appetizers.

Veritas is open 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

2031 Florida Avenue NorthWest
Washington D.C.
See their Web site at: for more information.

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