Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez Wants to “Reset” U.S. Relations


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has jumped on the diplomatic bandwagon, calling for a "reset" in relations with the United States after being excluded from the recent G20 meeting in London.

Speaking by phone on a local television show, Chavez said that he hoped he and President Barack Obama could begin to work out their differences at an Americas summit that both leaders will attend on April 17-19 , Reuters reported.

"Hopefully the Trinidad and Tobago summit will serve to reset relations between the United States and Venezuela, I'm willing to use the reset button," Chavez said.  

Of course, complicating the matter is that Chavez has called his U.S. counterpart an "ignoramus," saying that President Obama needed to better educate himself to "understand reality." 

But that was nearly two weeks ago. How time flies.  

The Venezuelan leader has also praised Obama's decision to close Guantanamo.

One thing in his favor: That Obama was called "ignoramus" just doesn't carry  the same sting as "the devil," which was how Chavez used to refer to former President George W. Bush

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