Veg Friendly Bars Offer Happy Hour Alternatives

Crispy wings smothered in buffalo sauce. Carne asada piled high atop of a mountain of tortilla chips. Corn tortillas stuffed to the brim with beef. While these happy hour staples may leave the average bar patron salivating, this typical fare leaves few options for vegans and vegetarians looking to grab some cheap grub from a local watering hole. Luckily for these meat abstainers, an increasing number of bars are taking lifestyle choices into consideration.

Two local bars, Vegetate and Science Club, have fully embraced the all-vegetarian approach when it comes to boozing and eating.

Centrally located and conveniently reached by Metro, Vegetate uses local ingredients to produce high-quality dishes. But the restaurant and bar also takes more cash-conscious visitors into consideration. The bar hosts a weekday happy hour from 6 – 8 p.m. It features half price items from their “bites” menu, beer specials, and wines by the glass half price.

Science Club, located near Dupont Circle, also offers an entirely vegetarian menu with several vegan options. In addition, they serve up some sweet happy hour deals. Even meat lovers will have trouble complaining about $3 beers 5 to 8 p.m., and the all-night happy hour on Mondays (from 5 p.m. – 2 a.m.).

While not strictly vegetarian, Asylum, located right on the Adam's Morgan main bar drag, has also become well known for their vegan offerings. They offer a Tuesday night special, where vegan entrees are buy one, get the second half off. Their menu also features dishes which can be "veganized" on request.

Vegetarian and vegan options are slowly but surely creeping their way on to bar menus and into happy hour deals, opening up the options available to an increasing demographic. As the number of people swearing of meat continues to increase, bars are likely to follow suit. Dietary restrictions aside, the time honored tradition of unwinding after work with a happy hour continues. Now vegetarians and vegans can fully unwind like the rest, drink in one hand, food in the other.

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