Valentine’s Day on the Wallet

Valentine's Day is the Super Bowl for flower shops. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend $1.7 billion on flowers for Valentine's Day.

Suburban Florists in Bethesda, Md., estimated it would sell 5,000 roses in one day. Owners Susie and Sherry Johnston said they were selling them in a vase or box for $85 per dozen.

At Whole Foods, 20 roses go for $20. They're even cheaper at CVS.

Matchbox is one of the busiest restraints in Rockville, and if didn't have a reservation, you could expect to wait up to two hours for a table, reservation manager Alisia Golden said.

Some couples celebrated Valentine's Day over lunch. Bryan Daniels said he got his reservations online a few weeks ago. His wife said it was a wonderful treat.

"We don't get away enough," she said

Couples with children may be planning a nice dinner at home. Elena Stevens said her three children will be included in a family celebration. At Wegman's in Lanham, shoppers found all their Valentine's needs in one place.

On the radio at Hot 99.5, the Kane show reminded its listeners not to forget the little things.

"The card," Kane said. "Don't forget to write something on the car. I get in trouble when I forget the card."

But what you spend is not as important as the fact you remembered, even if you waited until the last minute to shop.

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