Vagabond Opera Brings Vaudeville to the District

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Kate Michael

The folks behind the unique vaudeville group Vagabond Opera didn't set out with the intention of forming an eclectic musical phenomenon -- it was almost as if they were compelled to do it.

"Like-minded weirdoes can smell their own," quipped bassist Jason Flores.

DCist were privy to Vagabond Opera's cocktail of Bohemian cabaret accompanied by a playful theatric performances best described as an "opera duel to the death" at H Street's Palace of Wonders Thursday night. It was a rare performance for the five men, who began the group seven years ago and are now joined by burlesque beauty Asha Grzesik.

"You didn't really come here to hear opera, so how about something more interesting?" posed Robin Jackson, saxophonist for the group.

The audience swayed, sang and shimmied to the band's infectious energy surrounded by the Palace's circus curiosities.

"This place could be my new favorite venue," composer/cellist Skip von Kuske said. "We'll have to come back. It's just too perfect for us."

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