VA to MD: “It's ON, Loser”

War in T-shirt form

An ode to all things upwardly mobile, Snoburbia continues to thrill with their T-shirts honoring "elite" sports (lacrosse, horseback riding), muscular SUVs and the Ivy League ("I got in" -- the "and you didn't" part is understood). But the most hotly debated shirt? The Maryland > Virginia tee.

Bethesda vs. ArlingtonDo you REALLY want to have this debate? We're THIS close to just making a pie graph of Starbucks locations and being done with it.

But demand from those unwashed Southern Starbucks-sippers just got to be too much to ignore for Snoburbia founder (and Maryland resident) Lydia Sullivan. Virginia residents can now shell out $24 (that's like, FIVE lattes) for their very own Virginia > Maryland shirt.

Lydia wrote us:

Hey Virginians -- no need to fret. We're equal opportunity. Due to popular demand, we [have added] a VA > MD shirt to the site.... Snoburbia exists in Virginia (and all over the U.S.) too -- we are adding a McLean shirt to the site in the next week, and we already have Arlington and Alexandria shirts. In a month or so, we'll also add top DC area high schools in Maryland and Virginia. both celebrates and mocks overclass suburbia.

Let the competition continue.

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