Va. Police Chief Upset About DHS Illegal Immigrant Loophole

Prince William County's chief of police is upset about Homeland Security allowing illegal immigrants awaiting deportation proceedings to obtain employment authorization cards.

Chief Charlie Deane detailed his concerns in a letter to DHS Monday. He cited the case of Carlos Martinelly Montano, who allegedly killed one nun and injured two others while driving drunk Aug. 1.

Montano was smuggled into the U.S. from Bolivia as a child, Deane wrote. At the time of the fatal accident, he had already been convicted of drunken driving twice and an immigration detainer had been issued.

After his second DUI, DHS issued him an employment authorization card that Montano allegedly used to show legal presence and obtain an ID card from the Virginia DMV. He had used an employment authorization card similarly to get a Virginia driver's license in 2007, Deane wrote.

"I have been in contact with Virginia authorities regarding the concern that Virginia DMV documents issued based on EACs under these circumstances is very misleading," Deane wrote. "This can result in criminal aliens being inappropriately released when being processed by law enforcement authorities."

Deane wants DHS to stop issuing the cards to illegal immigrants with pending deportation proceedings.

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