Unleash Your Inner Criminal

Dillinger exhibit now open

Can't wait to see Johnny Depp robbing banks instead of pirate ships in "Public Enemies"? Hang on a sec. Coincidentally, the National Museum of Crime and Punishment (575 7th St. NW) just started a temporary exhibit on John Dillinger. In case you aren't up on your mid-'30s criminal history, he was the United States' first Public Enemy #1 (nope, it wasn't Flavor Flav) -- the very same character Depp will play in this summer's movie.

The exhibit runs until Sept. 1, featuring various artifacts from Dillinger's life, such as the keys to his 1933 Hudson Essex-Terraplane 8 (don't worry, we had to Google it, too), and a brick -- complete with bullet hole -- from the theater where he was fatally shot. This guy makes Chuck Norris look like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Yes, we know, all this media attention and glamour makes robbing banks seem pretty cool. And there is that pesky recession going on. But before you think about taking your "Grand Theft Auto 4" habits outside the living room, make sure to check out the other half of the museum... you know, that whole punishment thing.

Adults $17.95 online; $19.95 at doors; $6 after 6 p.m.
Museum hours currently 9 a.m.-9 p.m. (last ticket sold at 8 p.m.).

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