U Street Corridor's Finest Band Sneaks in a Couple Dates

I'm pimping Milkmachine, but consider it neighborhood pride and correction of an oversight. They slipped a couple dates past me.

To revisit the band, they play good-time carny rock with joy and humor and verve: Horns, accordion, keys and often unorthodox percussion for a roots-based sound. They remind me of like-minded outsiders Man Man and write songs like Tom Waits at his near weirdest.

I just found out about their set for Artomatic's opening night. It's a free show Friday at 9 p.m. at 55 M St. SE above the Navy Yard Metro Station.

And some how I missed that they're opening up for Wild Fictions and Tres Bien Monday, June 1, at the Red and the Black for $6.

But I'm all over their next sow. They'll be back on the Corridor with a show at Velvet Lounge on June 26.

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