Twitter’s Latest Conquest: Candy Hearts

So, 140 characters? Nah, try eight

Sign #3,910 of the coming social-media apocalypse: Those chalky, pastel-colored Valentine's Day candy hearts are getting a Twitter-related message stampled on them this year.

Sweethearts Candies is adding a phrase familiar to pretty much everyone by now: "Tweet me."

Or course, if you recall that wacky "Fax me" heart (aww, like anyone faxes stuff anymore), those teeny candies have often embraced modern-day forms of communication. So declares the Sweethearts Web site:

In the early 1990s, NECCO Vice President Walter Marshall decided to update the sayings each year and retire some. His first -- Fax Me -- created a lot of attention from Sweetheart fans. As a result, each year we receive hundreds of suggestions from romantics, candy lovers and school kids for new sayings.

"Tweet me" was the most-suggested phrase in an online survey that Sweethearts conducted last year, reported USA Today. "Text me" was a distant second.

There won't be a "Tweet me" in every box, though -- it shares the spotlight with some 79 other sayings.

But here's a cybertwist: If you want to send someone a personalized box, there's an app for that! Sweethearts offers an iPhone application that lets you personalize an electronic Sweethearts box for e-delivery. To find it, log into the Apple's App Store or visit

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