Black Dice Hiphop Record?

Tuesday Rock City: Black Dice was originally published on Black Plastic Bag on Apr. 07, 2009, at 5:53 pm

Black Dice: Repo (Paw Tracks)

You’ve heard Black Dice do shrieking hardcore-noise and you’ve heard them do meditative new-age bliss. Now, get ready for Black Dice’s hiphop record. Sort of. Nobody’s dropping any rhymes or boasts on Repo, the New York trio’s 7th album, but there’s lot of sampler twiddling. Had Boredoms crashed into J Dilla’s studio back when he was making Ruff Draft, they probably would have wound up with something not entirely unlike “Earnings Plus Interest”, which dribbles abstract noise hither-thither over a grainy break. Maybe it suffices to just say that Repo was made in the same spirit as an instrumental hiphop record. Diverse musical snippets and pop-culture references get mashed up and warped into unruly collages that bear little, if any, reference to the source material. “Glazin”, for instance, jams layers a choir of cartoon mumbles over a slice of slippery Caribbean rhythm. The effect is, in a word, weird. As if Fruit Loops commissioned Paper Rad to make a Toucan Sam commercial. It’s arty, for sure, but not without a sense of humor.

Black Dice: “Glazin”

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