Booker on Blatche's Return to DC: “I Heard They Got Extra Security Over on His Bench”

Andray Blatche certainly hasn't endeared himself to Wizards fans since he left town/got kicked out of town, but then again, he didn't when he was actually on the Wizards, either.

Blatche makes his return to the Verizon Center Friday when his Brooklyn Nets come for a visit. What kind of reaction do his former teammates expect him to receive?

“Probably a lot of boos,” Travor Brooker said. “I heard they got extra security over on his bench, just in case somebody wants to throw stuff. So I don’t know how true that is. I hope he makes it out alive.”

That last part was a joke, but still, there's no longer a reason for Wizards fans to feel conflicted about booing Blatche since he's not a member of their favorite team. Yet, like I said, it's not as if they ever felt conflicted in the first place.

As for Blatche, he claims that he "[has] no feeling at all" heading back to where his career began. 

"It’s another game," he said. "It’s a regular game for me. No emotional ties or nothing. To be honest with you, they can boo as loud as they want. They're supposed to now... I don’t play for them."

Sounds like a challenge to me.

Can you imagine if Blatche misses two free throws, giving the crowd free Chick-Fil-A? The roof might explode off Verizon Center. What else are you supposed to cheer for at this point?

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