Treat Yourself to Tequila


Tequila and Mezcal Festival:

Don't expect any shot girls and whistles with this tequila. This is a different kind of tequila party.

As a part of their Tequila and Mezcal Festival, Oyamel will be holding a complimentary tequila tasting at their restaurant tonight, according to Wonkabout. The tasting is hosted by David Suro, founder of Siembra Azul, who will be bringing you nothing but the best of their 100% blue agave premium tequilas.

You can also celebrate Cinco de Marcho (I never did pass that last year of Spanish) with another tasting this Thursday. This time, Ron Cooper will be sampling Del Maguey's rare, unblended mezcals. In case you've never strayed past Jose, mezcal is a liquor distilled from the other agave plant varieties besides the tequila-yielding blue plant.

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