Strum and Growl

Has it been a while since you've seen a fun, wackadoo band? Well, I'm not promising anything, but there's a good chance Bearsuit will fit the bill. The UK sextet are touring in support of their latest album, OH:IO, which conjures up images of space suits, pep squads, and Camera Obscura. What I mean is, Bearsuit is twee enough for those who like to put hats on their cats, and yet is enough of a screamy freakshow to placate the irony-friendly ex-punkers. Featuring girl/boy vocals and styles ranging from space pop to electro-bop and punk rock, if anything, their performance should give you something to talk about the next day.

Bearsuit will be playing with Canasta, Pale Young Gentlemen, and the Colour Me Pop DJs on Sunday, October 19 at Schubas.

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