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When musicians get involved in politics the results are not always what they had hoped for (See: Kayne vs. Bush). However, if they aren't being completely serious, and there are charities involved, then it just might work. Earlier this summer, Under the Radar magazine published its Protest Issue, which featured an array of musicians sharing their thoughts on today's political climate. Along with interviews, Under the Radar conducted photo shoots with those artists, each holding protest signs of their own making. Beginning September 30th, Under the Radar will host a 7-day eBay auction of the protest signs featured in the issue. All proceeds will go to benefit War Child International, a nonprofit that helps children in areas of conflict across the globe. This auction provides individuals with an opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of art while also contributing to a worthwhile cause. Now the word art is always a sticky word, and can mean very different thing to different people. What Under the Radar means is they gave white poster board and black sharpies to several of their favorite musicians to see what they would do. So if you want a poster signed by Fleet Foxes that reads "Capitalism i$ unethical (and we're hypocrites)" then this auction is for you. Maybe you want a sign from Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) that reads "Just Be A Nice Person" or one from My Morning Jacket the says "Puppiez y Kittens". Yes, they are protesting puppies and kittens, why not?

To view all of the auction items visit Under the Radar.

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