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Formed in 2001, in the halls of an unnamed Chicago high school, the boys of Caw! Caw! have been around the block a few times. They have played the local venues, even the men's room the aforementioned high school, but have never taken the show to the national stage. Originally a punk band, through the years they have experimented with a few different sounds. From atmospherics to jangle pop, this trio has now come to play and record somewhat of a hybrid sound. Still heavily guitar driven, they kick off their first national tour this Tuesday in support of their new ep Wait Outside (Slanty Shanty Records).

Wait Outside is an energetic set of seven songs about fantasy and escape, with plenty of thoughts about friendship. It is filled with patchwork guitars and driving rhythms. However, one of my favorite aspects is the wonderful cover art by Liz Born. Unfortunately on my copy the cover is hidden by a huge sticker, but if you were to purchase the album at their record release show this Tuesday at the Abbey Pub I'm sure there would not be a sticker.

[MP3] Caw! Caw! - Organisms

Caw! Caw! will be performing at The Abbey Pub with Sam Knudson and the Shame Train and Sugarfoot on Tuesday Sept 23rd. Doors at 7pm and show at 8pm. Tickets $6 in advance and $8 at the door. This show is 18+.

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