5 Years Time


Sometimes I like to take a step back when looking at a band and think, "Where will they be in five years?" There's no better band to do that with then England's Noah and The Whale since they themselves like to think about what life will be like in "5 Years Time". There are a couple factors to consider when evaluating a bands potential longevity. The first factor would be their current popularity compared to their current age as a band. Well, Noah and The Whale formed in late 2006, and spent most '07 tour England and playing wherever they could. They released their debut single in late 2007. Their popularity is really off the charts, seeing that their video for "5 Years Time" was added to youtube in June and has received over a million hits in just three months. However, much of this popularity can be attribute the Saturn Commercial featuring their song. If you think back to 2003, the band Jet had a song featured in an I-pod commercial, and seemed to blow-up over night much like Noah & The Whale. Where is Jet today?

The second factor is the actual music that the band is playing. Is it original, is it something that fans will continue to want, is there room for growth and longevity? After listening to The Whales debut album, Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down, I would have to say yes to all of these questions. They have found a sound that is as timeless as that found on the now 10 year old album, In the Aeroplane Over The Sea. There is love and sadness, fantasy and reality, horrible outfits and big dreams. They have ability to have commercial success and still resonate with the hipster elite. It should be a formula that will endure, but only time will tell where they will be in "5 Years Time".

Noah and The Whale will be appearing at Av-Aerie for an ALL AGES show on Sept 25th with Light Pollution. Tickets are $5. They will also be performing a free show at Reckless Record on Saturday (9/26) at 6:00pm, and following that up with a show at the Empty Bottle that evening. Tickets for the Empty Bottle performance are $10 advance, $12 at the door. This show starts at 10:00pm.

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