Track Barack's Diet Via Google Map

President Obama has re-energized the area's culinary scene, if by "re-energizing," we mean "creating a stampede outside of Ben's."

Where's he been dining lately? Now you can easily follow along with the home version of the game!

Brightest Young Things have created a Google map to track all the places in the D.C. area where the president has eaten. We're actually hoping for a statistical model to develop from this, so we can predict which restaurant he'll visit next. Is that too much to ask?

By the way, last time we went to the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray, we got a small vanilla with hot fudge and toasted almonds. A week later, so did Barack. Coincidence? We think not.

Anyway, it's fun to say you've eaten at the same place a president has (the order of events doesn't really matter, honest!), so add them to your list and check back for the updates.

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