Top 10 Least Expensive Vehicles to Own

With the economy in shambles, auto sales are down and people are making more cost-conscious decisions. Here's a list of the top 10 least expensive cars to own.

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Owning a vehicle can be expensive, but has rated the following cars as the cheapest based on the cost of fuel, repairs, and maintenance, as well as value depreciation, fee and other expenses.
10. The Honda Civic Sedan Five-year cost of ownership: $33,759 At $15,010, this sedan has the highest purchase price on this list. But this four-door sedan holds value well, depreciating just 62 percent over five years.
9. Toyota Scion xD Five-year cost of ownership: $33,486 At $14,550, the Scion brand is very affordable. Tight supply helps prop up the xD's resale value, limiting depreciation.
8. Chevrolet Cobalt LS Five-year cost of ownership: $33,362 With a base price of $13,925, the Cobalt guzzles more gas than any other car on the list at 24 mpg city/33 mpg highway. However, its low maintenance and repair costs and depreciation rate of 61 percent compensate for its fuel expenses.
7. Kia Rio Five-year cost of ownership: $32,750 At an extremely low starting price of $10,890, this sedan differs from the Hyundai hatchback in body style only. The Rio has the highest depreciation rate on the list at 78 percent, but lands in the middle of the list because of its base MSRP.
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6. Dodge Caliber SE Five-year cost of ownership: $32,736 At $14,000, it is the least expensive of the Caliber family. The basic Caliber SE has fewer features than the performance-oriented Caliber SRT4, but a much more reasonable ownership cost.
5. Hyundai Accent GS Five-year cost of ownership: $32,314 At a low starting price of $10,775, this three-door hatchback version of the Hyundai Accent earns a place among the ownership-cost leaders only because its purchase price is so low.
4. Nissan Versa Sedan Five-year cost of ownership: $32,261 At $12,730, this moderately-priced pick is considered the safest by insurance companies. Its depreciation value is also one of the best.
3. Chevrolet Aveo5 Five-year cost of ownership: $32,059 At a low $10,235, the hatchback Aveo5 demands fewer dollars over its lifespan than the sedan version because of its lower MSRP. Even though it suffers a high depreciation rate (73 percent) and high maintenance and repair costs, the cost of ownership balances out because of its low starting price.
2. Honda Fit Five-year cost of ownership: $31,821 With the third highest starting price on the list at $13,950, the Fit has lowest depreciation value giving it a high resale value. It also has the lowest maintenance and repair costs among these top 10.
1. Toyota Yaris Liftback Five-year cost of ownership: $30,820 With a starting price of $11,350, it has a high depreciation value (72 percent). However, its fuel use is key in making it the most affordable with an EPA rating of 29 mpg city/36 mpg highway.
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