Top Brands on Polyvore This Week

This week, the number crunchers at Polyvore provided The Feast with an exclusive peek into the brands that are trending on the mega-site over the past week. With 6.5 million unique visitors every month, Polyvore rightly holds the title of "the Web's largest community of tastemakers," making any analytics around brands rather of note for anyone interested in how the "tastemakers" are viewing the world's brands at any given moment.

This week's top move "spot" was a shared across several brands. Here's the breakdown:

For a second consecutive week, a Max Mara brand — this week both Max Mara and Weekend Max Mara, in fact — enjoyed top trending spots, with continued searches for pop-colored dresses and accent jewelry.

On the heels of Earth Week, eco-friendly line Komodo enjoyed a top spot, too. (On a related note, so H&M — enjoying a resurged search trend for the Natalie Portman-debuted Conscious Collection pre-Oscar dress pick — also made a strong showing.)

Meanwhile, an Italian store opening and a top-saved pair of "classic skinny" jeans are likely to credit with a top spot for rock-chic designer Philipp Plein.

And while Armani Jeans parent company Giorgio Armani announced plans to consolidate it's multiple brands, shutter a Fifth Avenue flagship and others, and and shift more focus to it's main line, summer-perfect wash make it clear why these these top-searched summer jeans were a Polyvore user hit.

The Polyvore Index is a weekly glimpse into what brands and designers are trending on the Web's largest community of tastemakers, as established by levels of engagement from adding to sets to liking and saving.

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