Top 10 Most Overused Costumes

We asked; you answered! Here are the costumes we're all likely to see no matter where we are this Halloween.

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THE "SCREAM" VILLIAN: Who wouldn't wanna emulate the villain from a 1996 horror flick that not quite, but almost kept Neve Campbell's career going? IF YOU WEAR IT: It's because you had $8 and five minutes to decide on a costume.
PARDON ME, OFFICER: You really wanna try to enforce the law at a wild bar crawl? No, no you don't. IF YOU WEAR IT: Try going for a more intimidating SWAT team member or more regionally relevant Secret Service agent instead.
PRISONER: Got an orange T-shirt? Great! Because you know Halloween costumes are better without any effort. Oh, wait, no they're not. IF YOU WEAR IT: Prepare to encounter jokes about handcuffs all night long.
THE SEXY WITCH, NURSE, WHATEVER: So you've been working out like a fiend. That's awesome, but it still doesn't mean you should join the hundreds of other women who use Halloween as an excuse to look like a stripper. IF YOU WEAR IT: If you're over 25... just don't.
THE SHEET GHOST: So you don't mind sleeping on a bare mattress tonight? Great! IF YOU WEAR IT: Say you're doing it "ironically." Which is meaningless, but will give enough pause for you to amble over to the drinks.
THE BLACK CAT: Everyone owns black clothing. You're already halfway to a lackluster costume! IF YOU WEAR IT: It would only be amusing if you were going to the Black Cat that night.
THE PIRATE: You're not Johnny Depp, but you want to be, don't you? IF YOU WEAR IT: Spring for a swanky rental costume, because those hollow plastic scimitars from the Halloween store? Yeah, it's been done.
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PRESIDENTIAL MASKS: As Dan Roberts wrote on our Facebook page, "You know you live in the nation's capital when..." IF YOU WEAR IT: You know what? Maybe don't.
PRETTY, PRETTY PRINCESS: Aw, how cute! You're still clinging to girlish fantasies that you're the beautifullest, most importantest person in all the land. IF YOU WEAR IT: If you're a lady, try a zombie princess instead. If you're a guy... You know what, that's kind of awesome. Proceed as planned.
THE SUPERHERO: Even though you're just another lawyer or government worker by day, by night you're... a lawyer or government worker in spandex. IF YOU WEAR IT: As with the pirate concept, you should probably shell out for a really awesome version from a real costume store.
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