Top 10 Gifts No One Needs or Wants

Why do they even make these things?

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So everyone has their seasons where they're extra-motivated to get fit. But let's be honest how long does this motivation normally lasts. Giving the gift of exercise equipment is akin to giving the gift of shame.
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Facebook in a frame! No one actually wants digital picture frames, and they're a bad gift for Grandma, because she'll never set it up.
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Stores will be jammed packed with sweaters, hats, and scarves decorated with holiday-themed designs, but don't gift these horrifying items unless you know your recipient can take a joke, and run with it.
Dog genealogy kits: They have the dog already. What more do they really need to know?
Either they cry from the onions, or their kids cry at how nerdy they are because they’re wearing onion goggles.
First off, don’t you think you’d offend someone if you got them Shape Ups? Second off, shoes won't make anyone fit. People need to stop hoping.
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Open a window. There's your noise. Who wants noise when they're sleeping, anyway? Ix-nay on the white noise machine.
Be careful when buying perfume or cologne as a holiday gift. You never know someone's preferred scent, or worst case scenario -- they may actually be allergic. Don't give the gift of migraine.
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Sure, poinsettias seem like a great gift to hand to your gracious host or hostess. But the Christmas plant doesn't simply die on Jan. 1. Instead, it sticks around, demanding water and attention, and looking incredibly awkward throughout the warm weather. Trust us, these things just. Don't. Die.
Nothing says "I didn't know what to get you, so I got you fuzzy socks" quite like... well, fuzzy socks.
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