Things That Scare Us: Cute Morning Sickness Bags

We need to discuss this. Now.


And now, in the category of Things We Wish Did Not Exist, But Do, comes Morning Chicness Bags, "compact, disposable, affordable, and yet stylish vomit bags," reports Hangover Helper.  

Let's take that apart bit by bit, shall we?

"Compact": good, you want things small. "Disposable": ah, yes, that would be convenient. "Affordable": sure, if it's something you're barfing into, you don't want to spend a lot. "And yet stylish vomit bags." ...Wait a sec.

Morning Chicness Bags are leakproof (we'd hope) and sell for $7.50 for a 10-pack. Look, if you're having a baby, we're thrilled for you. Really. We are. And if the baby is making you feel sick, you have our utmost sympathy. That can't be fun. But you have lots of shopping for cutesy things ahead of you: little baby booties, a fancy stroller, etc., etc.

Anything you're vomiting into should not be cute. What are you gonna do when you're done, display it on your shelf?

That said, we are considering buying some of these cute bags to eat popcorn out of. Yum!

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