It's OK to Like a Corporation… if It's Thievery Corporation

At times the Wednesday concert given by Thievery Corporation seemed like a circus, with performers jumping around the stage while the audience gyrated to the melodic sounds. As a longtime fan, I never get tired of seeing them perform in the intimate setting that is the 9:30 Club. There is a certain special energy when they play in this D.C. music landmark. What starts off as an audience of mellow D.C. hipsters quickly transforms into a sea of bodies pulsing to the rhythmic beats inspired from all around the world.

Rob Garza and Eric Hilton know their audience, and they mix the familiar trip hop songs (yes, they played "Lebanese Blond!") with some of their new songs, one of which was "Vampires."  Thievery Corporation electrified the audience with such high-energy concert favorites as "Warning Shots" and "Illumination."

As the concert progressed, the audience traveled through a wide range of musical styles that seemed to flow together—a credit to the band’s talent and creativity. If you have never been to a show, it’s highly recommended. While their albums are energetic, the level of enthusiasm that they display in concert is astounding. It’s the kind of experience that makes you want to explore more of their songs after the show.  If you have been to a Thievery Corporation concert before, and haven’t seen them at the 9:30 Club, it goes without debate that this is the best place to see them.

The only disappointment I had last night was that the circus didn’t have a belly dancer.  The only disappointment that you may have is that tickets are sold out for the remaining three shows!

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