Getting to NYC by Bus: What You Need to Know

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Taking a weekend trip to New York can be fun and exciting, but how to get there is the tricky part. There are several options but you don’t want to spend all of your money on getting there. For many young college students, the bus is the cheapest route to take. But which bus should you take? What’s the best buy, which one is the most comfortable and which bus is the fastest? Here’s our guide to taking the best affordable trip to NY.

The Bolt Bus gets a good report from us.
Comfort: They’re clean, fast and they’ve got wireless. We’re happy to report that their drivers are even nice and friendly. For extra comfort, the Bolt Bus has taken out seats to give its customers more room.
Average Price: It ranges from about $40 to $48 round trip.
Average time: About 4 ½ hours but it’s known to get to NY sooner.
Any special price deals: Four Round Trips gets you a free trip.
Stops: It has one stop- at 11th and G St. NW right by the Metro Center metro stop.
Website: Bolt Bus

What can we say? It’s a little sketchy. It’s not the cleanest, it’s a little difficult to find, but it runs just about every hour and it’ll get you where you need to go at a good price.
Comfort: No more than any normal bus seat would give you.
Average Price: $35 for a round trip
Average time: It takes about 4 ½ hours to 5 hours
Any special price deals: No
Stops: The Chinatown bus has one stop- 513 H St NW Washington, DC 20001
Website: 2000 Coach Bus

This bus is a-ok with us. We give it two thumbs up!
Comfort: Free wireless, a free bottle of water and a movie.
Average Price: $46 round trip for members, $50 Round trip for non-members, and $30 each way for walk-up customers.
Average time: It’s about 4 to 4 ½ hours.
Any special deals: Travel 8 times, get 9th ride free
Stops: This bus has two stops: McPherson Sq and Dupont Circle
Website: DC2NY Bus

We call it old faithful. It’s the bus company that most people know of, but is it the best bus? Not for a weekend trip to NY.
Comfort: The seats are ok and it runs every hour to NY.
Average Price: It can cost about $89 for a round trip.
Average time: The greyhound bus makes a lot of stops. It’s definitely not the fastest bus.
Any special deals: Greyhound has children, student, military, veteran and senior discounts.
Stops: Greyhound is located at 1005 1st St NE.
Website: Greyhound

You may have seen the megabus pass you by with the words: “Trip to New York Only $1,” but it’s not likely that you’re going to find that trip. Still, you can find some great deals for travel.
Comfort: Clean, comfy seats and wireless.
Average Price: If you want the extra cheap tickets, plan as much in advance as you can. Otherwise, tickets are about $40 altogether.
Average time: About 4 ½ hours
Any special deals: No
Stops: This bus has one stop at Washington, District of Columbia, 11th and G NW right by the Metro Center stop.
Website: Mega Bus

For the person that lives just outside of Washington, this bus is for you. It has a stop in both Virginia and Maryland.
Comfort: Vamoose boasts of comfortable seats. No wireless on the bus.
Average Price: $50 for a round trip ride.
Average time: About 4 ½ hours.
Any special deals: On every ride, customers receive a coupon. Four coupons gets you a free ride!!!
Stops: Arlington, VA and Bethesda, MD
Website: Vamoose Bus

WA Deluxe has the most pick up stops in D.C. that we’ve seen yet.
Comfort: WA Deluxe claims its staff is friendly and its buses clean and comfortable. Wireless is offered on most buses.
Average Price: $25 each way on Saturdays, $21 one way, $40 round trip on Sundays through Fridays. It you’re returning on a Saturday, there is an additional fee of $5 is to be paid at the bus.
Average time: About 4 hours.
Any special deals: Collect 8 one-way coupons and you’ll receive a free one-way ticket. Collect 4 round-trip coupons and you’ll earn a free one-way ticket.
Stops: The WA Deluxe has 4 stops in Washington- Tenleytown, Dupont Circle, N. Farragat & McPherson Sq. and Downtown D.C. by Union Station.
Website: WA Deluxe

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