The (Temporary) End of the Line

But Breadline will prevail, cleaner than ever

Breadline (1751 Pennsylvania Ave. NW), the shrine of the power lunch for those actually in power, has temporarily closed its doors after the health department found that the restaurant wasn’t doing such a stellar job with its upkeep.

The restaurant and bakery has been accused of operating without a valid license, storing food at incorrect temperatures and generally causing a danger to public health. But hey, look on the bright side -- at least they didn't have rats. Oh ... wait. They might have.

And let's be honest, there's nothing worse than finding out that your tuna melt was made in a place that's "failing to minimize the presence of vermin on the premises."

Breadline hopes to correct these problems and reopen by next week, but until then, the power players of DC will have to survive with nearby Corner Bakery, Potbelly ... or gasp, Subway. Eat fresh!

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