The Night Note: 01/15/09

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The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

Special Crews Set Up to Repair Water Mains

D.C. officials said Wednesday they will deploy special road crews during the extended inauguration weekend to fix broken water mains after two in the past three days have snarled already barricaded-and-detoured downtown streets in one location. Beginning Saturday, the District's Water and Sewer Authority will deploy its crews all over the city in the event of a water-main break that could severely disrupt the inaugural parade and make travel in the area even more difficult than expected because of widespread massive street closures and restrictions. (Washington Times)

Inauguration Security to be Highest Ever

This year’s inauguration is expected to set many records — from the largest crowds, to most bridges closed to the highest security of any president’s swearing-in. The inauguration is considered a National special Security Event, a federal designation that puts the Secret Service in charge of security for the entire day. But this year the special security tag has been extended to four days, starting when President-elect Barack Obama starts making his way to Washington from Philadelphia on Amtrak this Saturday. (AP/Frederick News Post)

More Parking Available for Inaugural Commuters

OmniRide has added another option for commuters on Inauguration Day. The commuter bus service announced Tuesday that riders will be able to use park and ride lots in Woodbridge, Lake Ridge and near Manassas to take a free bus the closest Metro station. Now the Woodbridge campus of Northern Virginia Community College has offered their 1,500 parking spaces to commuters. There they will be able to park and catch a free bus to the Springfield Metro station. (

Psychiatrist: PCP May have been Factor in North Potomac Murder

David Winters, a 19-year-old North Potomac man and former U.S. Marine whose trial for first-degree murder is expected to wrap up today in Montgomery County Circuit Court, was likely under the influence of the drug PCP the night he allegedly stabbed his father to death, according to a psychiatrist who testified for the Montgomery County State's Attorney's office on Wednesday. (

Finger Length May Predict Financial Success

The length of a man's ring finger may predict his success as a financial trader. Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England report that men with longer ring fingers, compared to their index fingers, tended to be more successful in the frantic high-frequency trading in the London financial district.  (AP/MSNBC)

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