The Night Note: 12/17/08

News you need to know

The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

Hundreds of Birds Siezed, Possibly Used for Animal Fighting

On Dec. 14, Loudoun County Animal Control and the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office searched a property in the 38000 block of Sierra Lane, south of Lovettsville, and seized several hundred birds that may have been used for animal fighting, Animal Control spokeswoman Laura Rizer said. The next day, they searched a property in the 12000 block of Berlin Turnpike, north of Lovettsville, and seized more than 100 birds that also may have been used for fighting, Rizer said. (Loudoun Times)

Gun Sales Up Locally

Ernie Lyles has operated a gun shop in Northern Virginia for 24 years, but he's never had a month like the one he had in November. "Our sales are way, way up, probably more than double what we do most years," said Lyles, general manager of Gilbert's Small Arms Range in Lorton. "The biggest problem right now is that [the guns] people want are out of stock. The manufacturers can't get 'em here fast enough."  Lyles likens the recent buying spree to the 1994 surge that preceded a 10-year ban on semiautomatic military-style rifles. Lyles said most of this year's gun buyers are worried that President-elect Barack Obama will re-impose that ban. (Fairfax Times)

Best Buy Buyouts

Best Buy Co. Inc. offered voluntary severance packages to virtually all its 4,000 corporate employees yesterday as the nation’s largest consumer electronics chain announced its third-quarter profit skidded 77 percent. The results—which beat Wall Street’s lowered expectations—came in what the company called the “most challenging consumer environment” in its history, an environment so rough Best Buy hasn’t been able to take full advantage of its largest rival’s bankruptcy. (

Bus Radio Ends in Montgomery County

Kay Romero, president of the County Council of PTAs, sent an e-mail Sunday congratulating parents for pressing the school board and school system to get rid of BusRadio. Parents locally and nationally have opposed the service for advertising to elementary, middle and high school students. (

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