The ‘Antithesis of a Marketable Touring Band’

Alan Hess

The musical legends of Camp Freddy played their first-ever 9:30 Club show in D.C. tonight. Niteside caught up with Camp Freddy member/Billy Idol guitarist Billy Morrison -- as he was speeding down the freeway between gigs -- to talk rock, dish on their benefit show, and find out which outside rocker he would recruit.

"D.C. is one of my favorite places, we just haven't been there with Camp Freddy," said Morrison, describing the almost 10-year-old rock cover band as the "complete antithesis of a marketable touring band," and vowing to keep it that way.

"We play great songs and invite our friends to have a laugh," Morrison added, alluding to the 150+ guest artists who have played with the group -- and some who are still on his wish list.

"If we could bring Jimi Hendrix back for just one song, he'd be the guy we would resurrect! I like David Bowie, too... and Madonna. She is the original punk rocker. She would get the vibe of Camp Freddy in a second," he said.

Thursday's one-night jam session, put on by local Jamestown Entertainment, will benefit Rivers of Recovery, an organization focused on disabled veterans' rehabilitation.

"Camp Freddy gets asked to do a lot of things for charity, and we try and say yes to as much as we can. Our management sent an e-mail to all five of us saying they do some really cool things that deal with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and we literally responded, 'Hell, yeah!' [to doing the event]. It seems like a no-brainer," Morrison said. "We all have the utmost respect for the veterans."

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