The Age-Old Debate: Beer Vs. Wine

What happens when a beer director and a wine director get engaged? Booze contest!

Some people are just beer people. They like their Yuenglings, Blue Moons and Stellas. Others are just wine people. The preferences seem intrinsic and immutable. Like dark chocolate against white chocolate. Burgers or hot dogs. Tomato, tomahto. Republican, Democrat.

Basically, no right or real answer to a matter of personal preference.

But, on March 10, the newly engaged Thor Cheston (beer director at Brasserie Beck) and Leah Dedmon (wine director at Brabo) will put their love -- and their boozing preferences -- to the ultimate taste test.

During four diverse courses prepared by Executive Chef Robert Wiedmaier at Brabo (1600 King St., Alexandria), casual beers from America and Belgium (selected by Cheston) will compete with elegant wines from France (selected by Dedmon). The diners will decide whether they prefer the beer or the wine, and the winner gets the ultimate bragging rights in the marriage!

A spot at this competition is $95 per person, excluding tax and gratuity -- no idea how much the marriage counseling will cost, though. RSVP to Martina Buenaventura at (571) 482-3308 or

First Course: oyster gratin; hama hama oysters; champagne and rocca cheese
Second Course: roasted medallions of monkfish; nicoise olives and parma ham
Third Course: roasted pork tenderloin; potato gallette and apple honey mead sauce
Cheese Course: roasted yellow beets with caramelized walnuts; red onion; quenelle of epoisse

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