Tennis Players Get Political

Kate Michael

Bosnian-born tennis pro Amer Delic, and his coach, Cary Franklin, have been paying attention to more than the tennis courts while in town for the Legg Mason Tennis Classic this week.

"We have been paying attention to the politics -- how could you not!" Franklin said, discussing the budget talks that had been reminiscent of tennis balls volleying back and forth cross the net.

"In fact, I got so sick of hearing about the debt ceiling, I wanted the concierge to remove the television!"

Despite the rackets coming to rest, Delic's as well as those made by the politicos, Franklin had some advice for both sides about strengthening their serves:

"I think everyone in this county is sick of the posturing and childish behavior from our elected officials. Everyone in this country has real-life challenges and issues, and it would be nice if our elected officials could take this into consideration before their summer vacation. It's a complicated debate but you would hope someone would rise to the challenge... But enough of the coach's rant!"

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