Tax Free Holiday Incentive For Virginia Shoppers

It’s already time to start thinking about new notebooks and tennis shoes and you can save money during Virginia’s tax holiday this weekend.

Starting Friday, back-to-school shoppers can avoid Virginia’s 5 percent sales tax on school supplies. The exemption covers items less than $20 and clothes and shoes cheaper than $100 each.

Consumers are expected to save $4 million over the weekend, about the same as last year.

Spokesman for the Virginia Department of Taxation Joel Davison said the holiday was created because Virginians were crossing the border to take advantage of other states’ tax holidays.

“I think it was just to get on board with what other states were doing and save some sales and help the consumers of the state and the retailers at the same time,” said Davison.

Across the Potomac, Maryland’s tax-free week begins Sunday.

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