Tangysweet: The Sequel

Yogurt shops keep popping up all around town, including a second location of Tangysweet.

OK, so today might not be the best day to bring this up, considering the white swirl of snow outside. But we wanted to let you know ASAP that Tangysweet, that bastion of zesty frozen delights, has in fact opened a second location downtown at 675 E St. N.W.

Much in the style of the worldwide phenomenon known as Pinkberry, Tangysweet serves up frozen yogurt -- literally. Not that TCBY low-fat soft-serve ice cream parading as "yogurt," but actual yogurt, frozen. Live cultures are still doin' their thing in there (whatever that thing is -- we really don't wanna know). The effect really is tangy, and the whole thing is around 130 calories.

Until you add the toppings. Fresh fruit, sure, yeah, who wouldn't appreciate some farm-fresh, uber-healthy berries? Of course, if you're gonna go all the way, you can choose from such naughties as crushed Oreos and Captain Crunch. (Seriously? Yikes.)

Here's a list of other fro-yo shops around town, since it's been nearly impossible lately to keep up with the explosion of sweet, sweet goodness:

Caliyogurt (opened Dec. 15)
Adams Morgan
2473 18th St. N.W.

3001 M St. N.W.

Mr. Yogato
Dupont Circle
515 17th St. N.W.

3333 M St. N.W.

Tangysweet (opened Jan. 7)
675 E St. N.W.

Dupont Circle
2029 P St. N.W.

Cleveland Park
3515 Connecticut Ave NW

So when it finally stops snowing, you'll know where you can get some cold in a cup.

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