Tai Shan Has Already Learned Chinese

Panda bread is a Chinese delicacy

China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda

For all of you out there who think learning to speak Chinese would be hard, well ... you're wrong.

Just ask Tai Shan, who seems to be making out quite well in his new habitat.

The National Zoo said their colleagues at the China Conservation and Research Center, where Tai Shan is living, report that the lil' xióng māo is adjusting quite nicely to life in Bifengxia.

He's still in his quarantine enclosure, but they said he's responding to Chinese language -- he already understands requests to stand up and sit down -- and that his appetite is good. He's eating his new bamboo and is adjusting to a new treat called "panda bread."

And if you thought Tai Shan escaped the Washington winter by heading to China, guess again. It snowed there recently, and Tai did what he does best. He went out and played in his new winter wonderland.

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