Sweet Charity at Sweet 16

R&B star Ginuwine and rapper Solé (a.k.a., Tonya Lumpkin) hosted their daughter Cypress Lee's Sweet 16 birthday party at Eden Saturday night.  

Though she claimed it didn't really feel "all that different" to be another year older, the young lady made a mature decision, asking her guests for donations in lieu of gifts, to benefit the Somaly Mam Foundation. Guests raised more than $2,000 for the cause.  

"My mom had a book on [the foundation], and I read it for school and really liked it," Cypress said. "It brings awareness and tries to fight child sex slavery in Somalia. I realized how fortunate I am -- and wanted to give back. Besides, I didn't really need anything." 

As she blew out her 16 candles and made her wish, Cypress was serenaded a cappella by her dad singing a "Happy Birthday" song.

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