Surprise Suspect Sought in Maryland Shooting

Warrant issued in Bethesda shooting

It seems like a script straight out of "Law and Order": Police investigating an alarming shooting in Bethesda, Md., now have a suspect in the case, and he's apparently no stranger to the victim.

"Detectives have obtained a charging document for a former employee of the IMF," said Capt. Paul Starks, of the Montgomery County Police Department.

That former employee is 36-year-old Mohau Mercy Mathibe. The South African national is an economist who worked for about two years at the International Monetary Fund in northwest Washington.

The shooting victim, 54-year-old Ashoka Mody, was also an IMF economist. Sources said Mathibe worked under Mody and may have harbored some resentment against him when his two-year position at the agency was not renewed.

Police have now charged Mathibe with the attempted murder of Mody, who was shot several times as he pulled into his garage at his home on Millwood Road in Bethesda last October.

Mody is still recovering from his wounds.

Police said Mathibe may have fled to China after the shooting.

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