Students Stripping for Charity at UMD

Wait, do college students normally wear clothing?

Getty Images

University of Maryland students gave a homeless shelter the clothes off their backs -- literally. And they ran around in their underwear while doing it.

Ooh, edgy!

And you know it's normally difficult to convince college students to strip off their clothing.

The AXE Undie Run Challenge is a competition among 10 universities to raise funds and collect clothing for local organizations that help the homeless. The Maryland event happened Tuesday night.

Hundreds of students were expected to make the dash in their under-roos for a race after placing clothing in donation bins for local nonprofit Shepherd's Table. Additionally, the men's grooming products brand AXE was to make a $5,000 donation to the group.

The winning school thus far is Arizona State, with 5,300 pounds of donated clothing; the final event is next month at UC Santa Barbara. Visit the official website for more info... and, um, for pictures. But we know you're just going to find out about the charities.

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