Stimulus Needed in the Bedroom

Let's talk about sex.... and the economy

The stimulus package and the recession has made its way into every conversation in America. Now, it's making its way to the bedroom and the sex lives of Americans. Is there such a thing as a sexual recession?

 "We need a romance stimulus," William Mann of "The Daily Beast" told MSNBC  Wednesday.

According to a poll conducted of 1,000 Americans, 21% said they are less likely to have sex more often compared to 2008. People are going on fewer dates and arguing more with the finical stress, said Mann.

But Ronni Sandroff of "Consumer Reports" debunked those claims. "The romance is still hot," Sandroff told MSNBC. "We've asked people what their experience has been since the economic downturn, and 79% said it hasn't had any affect." Sex is supposed to take the pressure off and relax people. Right?

"It helps take their mind off things, but they also say they're stressed out and it doesn't put them in a romantic mood," said Mann.

Sandroff says the real reason why people are not having sex is because of other excuses. Over 80% uses exhaustion or illness as the excuse to get out of sex while 40% said they were just not into it. However, 45% of the people plan a set time to have sex on their schedule and actually turn down other activities because sex is on the schedule.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. People will be spending less because of the economy, but for couples, there is no price on fun in the bedroom.

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