Stacy London Tells DC What to Wear

Style guru shops with local fashionistas in Bethesda

TLC style guru Stacy London was at Westfield Montgomery Mall last weekend to impart her fashion wisdom unto local shoppers as part of her Westfield Style Tour.

“Style is sort of available to all here,” London said of D.C. fashion. She credits the Obama administration and the diverse demographic of the area as helping to define the city’s style.

"It's an amazing place, because there's a real cross-section of a lot of different types of people," she said. "You have political style, you have a lot of wealth here, and then you have a lot of sort of middle class, working people who all have different needs, and yet there's style available to all here."

She also thinks her company, Style for Hire, had an impact on the area’s style. Style for Hire offers a local network of personal stylists available at varying price points. The service beta-tested in D.C. in fall 2010, and launched nationally on Monday.

"There's a much more style-savvy kind of person that's coming up in D.C., not related to politics," London told us in September 2010. "There's a lot more going on related to image and style, than just that idea of the politician in the blue suit with the red tie."

Nowadays, “D.C. is sort of taking pride in being D.C.” she told us Saturday, “and not some sort of ‘second city.’”

As far as D.C. shopping goes, London notes Georgetown, Westfield Montgomery Mall and local boutique Urban Chic as some of her favorite places to shop in the area.

London said she hopes the Style Tour will make buying clothing more convenient. “Part of the purpose of our style tour [is to] give you a roadmap to get what you want faster.”

Shoppers were able to get individualized “what to wear” feedback from the "What Not to Wear” star and her team, plus hair and makeup consultations.

London weighed in on spring trends, such as nude with neon. “It’s a great way to cut bright color and make it a little bit more sophisticated,” she said. She's also digging ladylike trends, such as a sheath dress with a peplum.

One of her biggest pieces of advice was to invest in a suit. “The great thing about a suit is that it’s also an investment,” she said. "It’s a ready-made outfit."

The Style Tour featured clothes that are available at Westfield Montgomery Mall, such as BCBG Max Azria and The Limited. Style for Hire stylists also generally mix high- and low-end features.

"Coming out of the recession, we're seeing people have a new understanding of the way to spend money," London told us in 2010. "You don't have to spend a ton of money to look good."

Missed the event last weekend? You have another shot -- sort of. The team will be back -- sans London -- Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22 in the center court of the Westfield Montgomery Mall (7101 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda). RSVP here for your free consultation or makeover.

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