DC's Hooked on Seafood

The only thing that may alert you that you're nearing the Maine Avenue Fish Market is the dinstinctive fishy smell. The smell of salt and sea creatures hits you before you see the market, which is literally tucked away under Interstate 395 in a slightly industrial looking part of town.

But the market's location may help serve the impression that you're not in D.C. at all, but instead in a town along the New England coast. Main Avenue Fish Market is all about atmosphere. The market is a combination of brightly painted signs, bobbing ships below foot level, and colorfully arranged seafood that may or may not still be moving.

There are over 10 stores along the water, most on docked ships, each with a different specialty. Vendors include Jesse Taylor (where you can get crabs cooked and seasoned for free), Captain White's, and Jimmy's Grill and Crab Cakes (try both kinds of cake - the crab kind and the dessert kind).

There are a few drawbacks to the market's seaside location. It can be difficult to find parking, and even more difficult to drive around looking for it. Also, if you are looking for a place to sit and enjoy the prepared food you just purchased, you are probably out of luck. Most people are forced to take their food to one of the wood "shelves" just outside of the market and slurp their soup while standing.

1100 Maine Ave SW

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