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Summer is here, and the heat is on. With temperatures rising up to 99 degrees, and multiple air quality warnings, the last thing you want is your A/C acting up. If your unit is underperforming, or not working at all, here are a few simple tests you can run to beat the heat:

Check the safety cut-off switch:
This switch is the most common cause of power loss. The solution? Simply turn it off -- you can usually find it on or around the furnace. Also, ensure your fuse box is switched to "on." If the stubborn A/C still refuses to power up, try changing its battery. 

Check your thermostat: If the A/C has power, but is not cooling, make sure your thermostat is set to "cool". You'd be surprised how something as simple as a mis-set thermostat can cause trouble.

Check for sound:
If the thermostat is set correctly, but you're still getting hot air, listen closely for the blower motor and the compressor. These devices are located inside your unit, and you should hear them when they're powered on. If you can't hear them, then you've found your culprits.

Check your filters: These filters trap contaminants, and if improperly cared for, they can restrict airflow in your home. Always change your filters, and check for any objects that might have found their way into your ductwork.  If the filters and ducts are clean, then you may be low on Freon, which you'll need a professional to measure.

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