Soft and Sole-ful

SLIPPERS, COVERED: By our estimation, it's about .... oh, 12 degrees outside. Staying in is A-OK, but you don't need to wear Ye Olde UGGs in the warmth of your own home (or, we might suggest, anywhere, but that's a debate best left to others). Shoe Hive has a ridiculously cutesy alternative to cozy, homey footwear with the Kate Spade Chime flats ($60). The slippers -- posing cleverly as regular shoes -- have wool uppers with flirty floral accents. The contrast cloth lining pops with either the black (scarlet), hot pink (orange) or kelly green (ocean blue). They're elasticized like the Tory Burch Revas you can never seem to take off, meaning we bet these babies are crazy comfy, too. Warning: With cloth bottoms, you probably won't wanna wear these much further than the lobby of your apartment building. Hey, at least we bet your pizza guy will appreciate your sense of style. GET IT: Shoe Hive, 127 S. Fairfax St., Alexandria (703-548-71050).

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