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Satanic supercouple ousted from 'Days of Our Lives.'

Holy Daytime Dirt, Batman. 'Days of Our Lives' superfans have double-take whiplash over the news that the beloved Marlena (Diedre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) have been exorcised from the show due to budget cuts.

For the past three decades, Hall has worn the crown on 'Days of Our Lives' as heroic psychiatrist-super-mom Dr. Marlena Evans. She's been through it all: marriage, divorce, kidnappings, and of course -- demon possession. Yes, they went there, complete with Campbell's chunky green pea spew. We saw it ourselves back in the day, shocked at the notion they'd jumped that particular shark, and yet Unable. To. Stop. Watching.

By Marlena's side, through thick-soup and thin, was John Black. Dear, heavy-breathing, scruffy-chested John Black. He left the priesthood for her, man! Now who's going to kill Stefano for the 3 millionth time? Who will shrink the heads of every single damaged Salem resident? How can we go on without them?

The only comfort is knowing that after all Marlena and John have been through, they can probably survive their neatly wrapped-up TV afterlife, too. We'll miss you, John and Marlena.

To pay homage, protest, send astrally-projected good wishes to the ghosts of devil-Marlenas past, visit NBC Studios.


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