So a Metro Mechanic Walks Into a Bar …

Veteran employee fired over dirty jokes

A Metro mechanic who has been with the transportation agency for 16 years was fired recently after telling dirty jokes during a department awards ceremony, according to the Examiner.

Gene Garritt emceed a banquet in Prince George's County Sept. 17, and during his speech he reportedly told a few dirty jokes.  Some in the crowd then told authorities.

An investigation led to him being fired, and also led to the suspension of three top executives, the paper reported.

“It was determined that the remarks made by the employee on Sept. 17 were so egregious that he was dismissed,” Farbstein said in an e-mail to the Examiner. “His remarks were extremely offensive and they were reported to our Office of Civil Rights.”

One of the supervisors said he wasn't in the room when Garritt gave his speech, but would not appeal his suspension.

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