Snatch at Ultra Bar: Fresh Underground Sound

District Ignition DJs reign over Ultra Bar’s basement every Friday night, creating atmosphere I found to laid back, fun and friendly, with house beats unmatched in most other D.C. dance clubs.

“We kind of capture the underground theme of the entire DC House community,” said Chad Bozzarelli, DJ 2Rip of District Ignition.

The basement of Ultra Bar is home to the party Snatch, because it used to be the vault of a bank and snatch implies the act of snatching money. District Ignition throws Snatch every Friday night. The members, who have played everyone from Nation to Fur to Dragonfly, rotate through a formula of three DJs per week. The sound continues to be underground house, yet each DJ gives it a different flavor, Bozzarelli said.

District Ignition gets music first-hand, usually from unsigned artists, and sometimes gets a hold of tunes before they are released by labels.

“We’re playing fresh stuff and sometimes that’s what really sells people on the music,” Bozzarelli said. “We try to cater more towards the underground vice, but we’re still not getting underground people necessarily... Depending on what the crowd is looking for, we’ll throw in what people know.”

District Ignition sets a chill tone in the basement, and it’s well-received by those that go underground to party. When the guys aren’t exposing visitors to fresh music, they’re hanging out with guests and creating a party atmosphere.

“Anyone that comes in to party, as promoters, we want to get to know people or at least become friends on a personal basis,” said Bozzarelli. “Sometimes we go around buying people drinks as thanks.”

Each month there is a theme party at Snatch. District ignition will celebrate any party, including birthday parties -- and for free. Signing up for the guest list at provides lifetime updates on District Ignition parties around the city. Members are eligible for free and reduced-admission guest lists.

While Snatch was a great time, the other floors of Ultra Bar on Home Fridays are worth visiting. The club has diversity in music with hip hop on the ground floor and reggaeton a floor above. Laser lights coming from the ceiling and televisions on the wall add to the effect.

General Information:
911 F Sreet N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20004-1405
infoline: 202-638-4663
18 and over for girls
21 and over for guys

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