Snap N Slice: Does It Really Do That?

Product promises to make kitchen work a snap

How would you like to take the hard work out of kitchen prep work?  You can with the Snap N Slice.  The Snap N Slice infomercial says the device makes preparing any meal a snap.  But Does It Really Do That?

The infomercial that showcases the Snap N Slice promises the tool will slice, dice, cut wedges and chops.

Its secret is its eleven precision engineered serrated cutting blades that supposedly give you a perfect cut every time.

News4's Liz Crenshaw sent the Snap N Slice to Muriel Schenk's Ashburn, Va., house for a test. Schenk thought the device would make cutting vegetables and fruit much quicker.  The Snap N Slice cost $29.90 online,  however for that price we're taking the hard work out of prep work. 

Schenk first tried cutting a cucumber and said she was surprised she had to cut it to make it fit into the slicer because the hosts of the infomercial say, "there are no knives, no dishes, and there's no cutting boards to clean."

In fact, Schenk said she found she had to use a knife and cutting board for most of the items she snap and sliced.  Once trimmed down though, cucumbers were a snap. 

With hard-boiled eggs though, Schenk said she felt she could do better with a good old-fashioned knife.

With fruit, Schenk said she also had to cut items down to size before using the Snap N Slice. She also said that if the core was left in the apple the device did not work.

Schenk said she had to use smaller tomatoes in the slicer and had to boil potatoes and carrots before putting them in.

The infomercial never mentions the boiling.

News4 contacted Snap N Slice, but the company said it was not able to respond to our story.

Schenk said she thinks the device isn't all its snapped and sliced up to be.

So for $29.90 would she buy it?

"I would not buy it.  No," she said.

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